Face care 5 tips for a radiant face!


Taking care of your face is very important to keep your facial skin beautiful and healthy. Cleaning your facial skin may be even more important. Wastes can cause your skin to look unhealthy and cause significant damage. The effective and efficient cleaning of the facial skin is therefore crucial. Here are five tips for optimal facial cleansing and facial care.

Tip 1: Clean your skin well, but not too often

Mainly a mixed to oily skin is susceptible to inflammation. If you do not clean the dirt off your face correctly, it may cause juvenile dizziness, acne, itching, and irritation. Clean your skin until there is no visible dirt left on your water pad. Do not clean your skin too often, because every time you cleanse your skin, it’s only with water to touch the skin’s skin. This affected upper layer restores itself but temporarily does not protect skin from dirt and other external influences. Optimal face care, therefore, means that you cannot clean your face too often, too intensively or aggressively.

Tip 2: Cleaning in the morning

Every facial skin and every skin type are benefited from a thorough cleaning in the morning … Even if you have thoroughly cleaned your face skin in the evening. At night, the skin separates waste that keeps on working on your skin all day when you do not pick them up in the morning. Also, your skin can get a lot of dirt on your pillow and bedding. A good cleaning in the morning helps the skin to remain clean for the rest of the day. So face care = facial cleansing!

Tip 3: Face Care: Scrub Face

Face care

Regular scrub makes your skin more beautiful and evenly brown. A scrub cleans your skin by removing dead skin scales. This results in a new, shiny skin layer underneath the old skin. A scrubbing basket is also a good alternative. Never scrub your face too hard, too long or with a crude scrub product.

Tip 4: Drink sufficient & shower responsible

Water in your body provides a good moisture supply to the skin and cleans your skin. Water on your body, however, dries off your skin; this sounds strange, but it is correct. Drink at least one to one and a half liters of water a day. Drink – especially in winter – a lot of water, because your facial skin needs moisture to stay nice and supple and to drain waste. Do not shower too often and especially not to warm your skin to dry out. Optimal moisture retention is crucial for good face care!

Tip 5: Fix puddles

You can taste puddles with sulfur or light oil like Tea Tree Oil and let it be left alone. Pinching makes a pimple usually all the more striking and can lead to more and more severe inflammation. You can use facial steamer to remove your acne or pimple. Try best facial steamer for acne for that.

Do you have additional tips for optimal face care / facial cleansing? Share them in the comment section below!


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